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USGBC Louisiana is working every day to make Louisiana a healthier, more prosperous place to live, work and learn by greening the built environment. Through education, legislative advocacy, research, and service, our members and a network of dedicated volunteers are making a difference.  We are committed to making green building a priority in Louisiana.


Membership is open to anyone with a passion for green building, sustainable communities, and a brighter future for our state. Join us today.

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GREEN SCHOOLS. GREEN TOOLS. Building a Better Louisiana.

Green Schools Challenge 

Do a green project at your school and win cash and prizes!

Plant a garden, plan an energy awareness day, start a recycling program, host a t-shirt swap, conduct a lighting audit, reduce paper waste, create a turn-out-the-lights campaign.  Your school's project can be big or small, we all can do something to make a difference! 

Learn more about how you can green your school.


To register your school CLICK HERE.

To register as a mentor CLICK HERE.

Entergy Announces Sponsorship of 2015-2016 Challenge

Our premier Challenge sponsor continues their support for the third year in a row.  "Entergy has been with us from the beginning. The Green Schools Challenge is a successful program because the teachers, students, volunteers, and community partners, like Entergy, are committed to making our schools healthier places to learn." 

Green Schools Chair, Erin Ryerson.


Make sure your clients can find you.  Join the green building marketplace by listing your company in the new USGBC Louisiana Green Building Services Directory. 

The chapter gets inquiries daily about how to locate green service providers.  Join the growing list of businesses those potential clients will find. 

It is easy.  Click JOIN and select the Green Building Services Directory Membership and follow the prompts.  You will be directed to a template where you can showcase how your company can meet the increasing demand for green building services. 

Membership is good for one year from your listing date.  All members must be approved before the listing will appear.  Please email with any questions you have. To view current listings, click on the Green Building Services Directory navigation tab.

 10 Years From Now

The following is an editorial that aired on All Things Local Radio, Saturday August 29, 2015

The US Green Building Council in Louisiana’s vision is that in 10 years, our state is a greener, healthier place to live, work, and learn. 

USGBC Louisiana is committed to greening our schools.  Over the last decade, the rebuilding of New Orleans’ schools to LEED standards, has accelerated the conversation about how we can build better buildings and communities.  The wave of green building that started with our schools is rolling north and across the state.  In 10 years, green schools will not be the exception, but will be expected by every parent who understands that where their child learns matters.

We also believe that  energy efficiency will continue to drive green market expansion.  Benchmarking, tracking building energy and water usage will be required.  We are actively involved in crafting benchmarking policy and legislation.  We are engaging market sectors and connecting them with benchmarking tools and support. In ten years we will be a better informed public about how our buildings are impacting our infrastructure, our environment, and our wallets.  We will have access to energy usage data and we will demand improved performance and savings.  Businesses will invest in longer term solutions. 

This week Mayor Landrieu and the New Orleans Resilience Team announced an ambitious Resilient Strategy for the city.  It is a comprehensive plan to boldly move us forward and we are excited about the possibilities and the positive changes it will demand.  It will require a new way of thinking, not just about our city, but beyond. 

USGBC Louisiana and other very passionate organizations will be here to support the changes that lie ahead.  Together we can green our schools and improve building performance, but we can also inspire a new culture of environmental awareness, recharge our public transportation system, and advance economic opportunity for a whole new generation of problem solvers. 

I hope the words of change turn into action and, moving forward, that change will embrace all of our city and support a deeper sense of community where every person is important.

New Orleans in 2025 is going to be a different place—a better place.  It has to be.

Shannon Stage, Executive Director

USGBC Louisiana, in collaboration with gb+d, presents stories of rebuilding in the book New Structure Community City Orleans. Email to find out how to get your copy.











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