2017-2018 Louisiana Green Schools Challenge Mentor Registration


Welcome to the 2017-2018 Louisiana Green Schools Challenge!

The U.S. Green Building Council - Louisiana Chapter (USGBC Louisiana) is challenging teachers and students across the state to green their schools. By exposing children and young adults to issues of sustainability now, we can help raise a generation of environmentally-conscious adults.

We are looking for motivated volunteers to lend their expertise. With your real-world knowledge, you can assist these schools in lowering their operating costs, improve their indoor learning spaces, and impact the lives of students, teachers and your community forever. Help us to empower our youngest stakeholders to be good stewards of their environments.

See "Mentor Participation Information” at our Green Schools Challenge webpage for more information about Mentoring


Join the Challenge

  • Sign up to be a Mentor below
  • You will be assigned a school to Mentor.  You should meet with the Green Team regularly, show the students how sustainability has impacted your career, and to advise on and facilitate their green project.


  • Schools are encouraged to pursue low- or no-cost green project.
  • With your help, the Green Team will implement a project and document their project’s process, including observations of energy/resource savings and/or improved outcomes. As a mentor, you may assist with ideas, documentation, resources, and professional experience.
  • The project must be completed by mid March 2017; the length of the project is of no consequence.
  • Each Green Team will submit their project and results, with either a 5-minute video or digital presentation, at the end of March 2017 for judging by an impartial panel.

Please review the 2016-17 Challenge Program Manual for more details. 


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