Public Announcements


Green Schools Challenge Winners!

Congratulations to our 2020 Green Schools Challenge winners!

Because of the virus and the necessary closure of schools, we ended the Challenge a bit differently this year. In order to lighten the requirements, we had techers and students submit what they had regardless of the completion of the project and without any formal submission requirements. We then held our normal People's Choice competition on Facebook, along with a drawing for prizes with all the entries. This allowed us to celebratae all the amazing schools equally considering many couldn't finish out their projects for the year. 

Congratulations to our People’s Choice Award winner Southeastern Laboratory School. And congratulations to the winners of the drawing: New Harmony High School, Shady Grove Elementary, Iberville Stem Academy, and St. Margaret’s Catholic School. All winners will receive an Elkay water bottle filler.

This year presented unexpected challenges for our participants, but they still persevered. We are proud to recognize the participating schools for their hard work.

You can see all the entries here.